Propagate the food, the mood, the art

Enter our world of good-natured propaganda where slogans are replaced by easy-going, fun mottos such as “Mỗi ngày ta chọn mọt món ăn” – “Every day I choose a new dish” (echoing “Every day I choose a new joy” by Trinh Cong Son, Vietnam’s most famous songwriter).

A unique experience

Born in Saigon, Vietnam

The menu, with its already famous spring rolls, noodle salads and crunchy rice bowls features simple, wholesome, yet incredibly flavourful food prepared with the best and freshest of ingredients. Think 100% local, envision “redesigned” home cooking, all with Vietnamese ingredients only.

The originality lies not only in the composition of the dishes but also in their presentation. Our rolls are cut into mouth-sized bites that make them easy to share and a pleasure to eat and are more reminiscent of sushi than the familiar large lumps of invisible food we have grown so accustomed to being served.

Banh Mis (Vietnamese sandwiches) are made on our freshly home-baked bread, some with more traditional fillings and others original signatures. Most days, they sell out in a few hours!

The signature “Propaganda Salad” is full of goodness with home roasted cherry tomatoes and home-made tofu. Our “Cơm Gà” is your traditional mouth watering roast chicken with broken rice. Why change a perfect recipe when it is not needed?

Art at Propaganda
Art at Propaganda
Art at Propaganda
Art at Propaganda
Art at Propaganda
Art at Propaganda

The desserts are a blend of traditional and modern with Marou dark chocolate (Vietnam’s one and only) or home-made soursop & cane sugar ice-cream, banana in crunchy sticky rice and more.

Our wine menu was composed by Vietnamese and French connaisseurs and selection was made while sampling the menu with a bunch of chefs (Vietnamese and foreign). It was a most enlightening process and we now propose a small list with wines (all from the New World) that complement Vietnamese spices and pickles. For unconditionals of Old World wines, we have access to our sister (and neighbour) restaurant’s cellar.

Our coffee is famous in the area and the terrace is filled with “cà phê” lovers from breakfast to dinner.

If you plan to have lunch at a “lunch hour”, make sure you reserve!

Can't get enough of Propaganda?

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Napkins, laptop bags, aprons, coasters, coffee, T-shirts and many more memorable goodies are available for purchase.